Pasture Raised
Angus BEEF


Traditional FARM, Modern twist

We're a small farm, looking to make a difference in a big world. Sure, anyone can raise a cow, but Gripe Farms breeds only the best cattle to bring you the tastiest meat. 



Our homegrown Angus and Hereford cattle are born and raised on our family ranch in Southwest Missouri.  Gripe Farms cattle are raised on grass and finished on grain to produce the highest quality meat with abundant marbling and exceptional tenderness and flavor.  Our beef is dry aged to deliver the finest eating experience.


From Farm
to Fork

Nestled between Barton and Dade county Missouri, our 400-acre ranch is home to our herd of grass-fed cattle.We believe in keeping things as natural as possible, from our farm to your fork.


A little About Us

Brian Gripe, owner of Gripe Farms, grew up on a 2,000 acre cattle ranch and learned to love cattle at a very early age. Brian studied Animal Science  at  the University of Missouri- Columbia and spent over 20 years in the meat industry specializing in quality and innovation.  Brian and his family founded Gripe Farms to share his love of premium

grass-fed Angus and Hereford cattle with others. 


 You'll find their two kids playing in the creek on Gripe Farms, checking cows (hey Olaf!) and always looking for adventure.   


Field Sunset

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